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If there is technical issue or error such as:


1. 5-7 times dump error related to complete technical or not functional and if dump error are different each time.

2. Disconnect more than 3 times for long period maximum 12 hrs.

3. Complete slow sap system more than 3days,

4. If sap access more than 3 days delay after payment done for access.

5. if your not satisfy given access within 5days


  • 24 X 7 Server Availability
  • Full Speed Access
  • Full Access for Configuration
  • Multi-Language & Developer access Free
$499 /month
  • Full Speed access
  • Basis Changes as per Require.
  • 20 UserID Free with Developer key
  • Working Data Safe With other users


DIEGO ARTURO SALINAS OSORIO( Posted on 22-11-2017)

I want to aknowledge the great service this site has. I have used different systems in this site ...

Rifat Hashar( Posted on 15-02-2017)

Can't prevent myself from giving a review after using the server.I am taking the service for tha ...

sarbjit singh( Posted on 13-10-2016)

Its great experience and its very supportive too.

vamsi kethu( Posted on 16-09-2014)

Excellent user experience on this IDES. No time delays or any issues. Customer service was very h...

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